What is 0.5 Handicap and How to Play

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The 0.5 handicap or half-left handicap, is a very popular type of Asian handicap and always appears on the odds table in soccer betting. Join us to further explore this concept and learn effective tips when betting on 1/2 handicap through the article from the 55 BMW bookmaker site.

What is 0.5-handicap?


One of the most popular handicap odds at bookmakers. Expressed in decimal form with the odds symbol 0.5, this type of bet is simply the home team handicapping the away team by half.

The results of the 1/2 handicap can be seen in two main cases:

The home team wins. The upper side wins enough, and the lower side loses enough.

The away team wins or draws. The lower bet wins, and the upper loses.

In case the two teams tie with a score of 0-0, 1-1,…, the home team will lose all bets, while the away team will win the entire bet.

It frequently appears when the balance between the two teams is quite large and there is no outstanding difference. The home team is often appreciated due to its psychological superiority when playing at home.

How to Read and Bet Handicap 0.5

If you want to easily win when betting, you must clearly understand how to read odds and place half-left handicap bets. Below, 55bmw shares specific information:

Read Handicap 1/2

To simulate how to read a 1/2 handicap at an online bookmaker, refer to the following example:

For example: In the odds table, find the “HDP” column (handicap—Asian handicap) and choose the match with a handicap of 1/2. For example, in the match Udinese vs. Verona, the bookmaker rates Verona as the home team and handicaps Udinese by 0.5 goals. Odds are shown next to both teams.

If Verona wins, bet on Verona at 2.00 (2.00 times the bet amount).

If Udinese loses or draws > Bet on Udinese at odds of 1.92 (1.92 times the bet amount).

Place a 1/2 Handicap Bet

After understanding how to read the odds, place a bet according to the detailed steps:

Step 1: Access the soccer betting lobby on the betting website.

Register and log in to your account.

Select the “Sports” section and choose your preferred betting platform.

Step 2: Find a match and choose a 1/2 handicap:

The odds table will automatically update every 30 seconds

Select the desired match and select the 1/2 handicap in the HDP column.

Step 3: Choose door and place bet:

Choose the payout coefficient for the team you support.

Confirm the bet amount and press “Place bet”.

The secret to increasing your winning rate when taking a 0.5 handicap

As everyone can see, the 1/2 handicap offers two clear possibilities: full win or full loss, there is no draw or half win/loss. Therefore, the process of betting and betting requires carefulness. When betting on a 1/2 handicap, it is often considered “tense” and unpredictable matches, because both teams have equal strength. The factors that determine victory or loss are often based on mutations and surprises.

To make the 1/2 handicap easier, there are some betting tips that can be applied:

Choose the upper team if this team is better than the lower team in the rankings.

Choose the underdog team if the current performance of both teams is equal.

Choose a team with many players who play exceptionally well, apply counter-attacking defense tactics, and have the ambition to win.

Bet after 15 minutes of play when the odds table is updated most accurately. Observe the competition situation before making the final decision. If the handicap drops to 1/4, place the upper bet.

These tips help optimize the probability of winning when facing a 1/2 handicap, helping you make more effective decisions.

Important Notes When Participating in 0.5 Handicap

The 0.5 handicap is considered a basic type of ball handicap, requiring players to master before starting to bet at the bookies. Although the rules and odds calculation seem simple, winning this bet is not easy. To improve your chances of winning when participating in a 1/2 handicap, you need to pay attention to the following experiences:

The Home Owner is the Handicap Team

If the home team is the handicapped team, the difference in strength between the two teams is usually not large and the home field advantage often pushes up the handicap.

Therefore, when faced with this odds, choosing the under bet will bring safety and a higher chance of winning the bet.

The Away Team is the Top

If the away team is the favorite, especially if they have a difference in strength compared to the home team.

In this case, choosing the upper bet will bring more safety and a high chance of winning the bet.

Compare Strength and Performance

Do a thorough comparison of strength, especially when the top team has been in good form recently.

Check if the main squad is participating in the match, and if that squad is the strongest before placing your bet.

The above article by 55bmw details the concept of 0.5 handicap and gives specific instructions on how to bet on this handicap on reputable betting sites. At the same time, we reveal experiences in participating in soccer betting on the bookmaker.

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